Monday, 23 June 2014

Social Experiment.

Clarify: Social Experiment.
Well the word social means to hangout with other people. I know this because when I'm on my laptop at home and there are guests over, my Mum says, "Come into the lounge and be social." The word experiment means to test things out to see if they work. I know this because last year for science fair I did an experiment. I tested the juice of lemons and oranges and compared them. So saying this I think this will be an experiment about being social and hanging out with friends or random people. I think the person doing this experiment will take a survey of people in their social life.

To find out peoples reaction when given a bad comment or a good comment anonymously.√

I think that people will not just ignore bad comments but actually listen to the good comments and think about it.
- Speaker
- Phone
1. Set up a speaker on the side of a busy street.
2. Every time someone walks past give a bad or good comment (While recording their reactions).
3. After half and hour stop and think about their reactions.
Results: (make these up)
Most people receiving bad comments just walked past and ignored it but people receiving good comments stood there for a little bit and thought that was really nice even though it was anonymous.
Conclusion: I've learned that people really care about comments, even if they are anonymous. If they got a good compliment they feel good.

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