Sunday, 18 May 2014

Wildboy Visits Tauranga Intermediate.

On Friday the 16th of May, Brando Yelavich AKA Wildboy, visited Tauranga Intermediate. He wanted to visit Tauranga Intermediate because it is the biggest Intermediate in the Southern Hemisphere and to teach us about his journey around New Zealand. One year and 144 days ago Brando started his journey from the very top of New Zealand. He has travelled around the coast of New Zealand on the beaches over the rocks and through the forests. He is doing this because he was getting in trouble all the time and he wanted to open opportunities in his life. He is raising money for the Ronald McDonald House and has so far raised over $16,000. His goal is to raise $20,000. He has nearly finished his journey and will be at the top again soon.

In this picture Brando is at the bottom taking the picture with his selfie pole. Everyone in the background are students from Tauranga Intermediate.

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