Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Science Experiment: Cup Telephone.

Cup Telephone.

  • Cup x2
  • Match sticks x2
  • 1-2 meter long string

  1. Poke one hole in the bottom of each cup with the match stick.
  2. Pull the string through both holes in the cups.
  3. Tie the match sticks to the end of the end of the string. (one on each end inside the cups)
  4. Have a partner to hold the other cup and keep walking further away from you until the string is tight. (make sure the string or cup doesn't break while you're doing this)
  5. Talk into the cup while your parter holds the other cup to his/her ear and swap around.
What happens?
You can hear the other person clearly!

How does this work? 
When you talk straight into your cup, it sends vibrations. Vibrations can travel through solid objects, like string! The vibrations of your voice travel through the string into the cup and your eardrums turn those vibrations into words! 

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