Thursday, 10 April 2014

Shaun Short's Short Shorts By John Foster.

Four tips about reading a poem to an audience:

  • Project to the audience. Capture the attention of everyone, including the people in the back row. However, don’t mistake yelling for good projection.
  • Proceed at a fitting and natural pace. Avoid nervously rushing through the poem. Do not speak so slowly that the language sounds unnatural or awkward.
  • With rhymed poems, be careful not to recite in a sing-song manner.
  • Make sure you know how to pronounce every word in your poem. Articulate.
Link to website: Poetryoutloud.

My sound cloud of the poem:


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  2. Is the title of the blog post correct?
    Yes he did name the poem correctly.

    Did they label their poem Reading?

    Rate their poetry reading for the following categories.

    I could hear his voice clearly.

    He has good expression in his voice.

    He read at a good speed.

    He chose a good poem and I enjoyed listening to his poem.