Monday, 14 April 2014

Homework week 8-9. Part 1 & 2.

Rhyme: This poem doesn’t have any rhyming in it.
Rhythm: Each new line sounds like the start of a new music bar.
Tone or Mood: It’s not exciting, it’s just an everyday occurrence.
Personification: The poet gives the river a mouth and a tongue.
Enjambment: The whole poem is one sentence so the poet did use enjambment.
Meaning of the title: River.
Author: find 3 facts about the author: 
1.He’s a poet and performer.
2. He works in schools throughout New Zealand.

3. He writes for the school journal.

Here is my poem:

Me reading it:

For the second part of my homework this week I had to create a video of me making a quick and easy snack. I made Nutella sandwiches.
Here it is:

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  1. This was so well done, Jack. I liked how you fast forwarded with music. Overall a very good length.