Monday, 3 March 2014

Three conversations.


"Hi Mum."
"Hi, how was camp?"
"Good and bad."
"Well camp was awesome but I got heaps of itchy bites."
"That sucks."
"Yeah, but I did get up the centipede."
"Whats that?"
"Three big poles connected to each other with metal pegs coming of them."
"Did you get to the top?"
"It took me three attempts but I made it to the top!"
"Well done!"

Jack/Miss C

"Excuse me Miss Campbell, What do year eights do for food tech this year?"
"I'm not the food tech teacher."
"I know but do you know what we're doing?"
"No, I guess you'll have to find out."
"Oh. Do you know anything about food tech this year?"
"Yes. I know that you're making food."


"Hey Oliver."
"Hey Jack."
"Don't you think the food at camp was really good?"
"It was definitely better then school lunches."
"I'd say. The sandwiches are a lot fresher and healthier at camp."
"Yeah, they taste a lot better."

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