Sunday, 9 March 2014

Homework week 5-6. Part 1

For this part of my homework, I am listening to a podcast of a interview with Heni te Karamu about the battle of Gate Pa. Here they are:

1. (present) people saying story made up
2. Heni te Karamu, Angel of Gate Pa
3. At Waikato river with brother, Neri. They got news of the defeat of Rewi Maniapoto.
4. The soilders were going to Tauranga to stop food, weapons and supplies running through Thompsons track.
5. There were ngaiterangi fighting men at the Pa and they all decided to go back and defend their families.
6. Heni te Karamu went with her brother to be a warrior in the battle.
7. Heni te Karamu was told to leave with the rest of the wives and children but she said no.
8. On the first day of the battle, early in the morning she was having a prayer service and just when it was ending the first shot was fired upon them.
9. Two of the priests died but a guy named Timothy pulled her down into the trench and saved her life.
10. It started to rain so the dirt turned to mud and the bombs didn't explode because of the mud.

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  1. Very good summary of facts. You picked up all of the main points.