Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Homework week 7-8. Part 1 & 2.

Homework this week is really easy. For this part I had to fill in its or it's in this 14 question task.

  1. __It's__ about time you showed up!
  2. It was __its__ first time out of the cage.
  3. __Its__ feet were covered with sand.
  4. Get up, __it's__ time for school.
  5. I’m glad to see you; __it's__  been a long time.
  6. __It's__ important to study hard for tests.
  7. The bear protected __its__ cubs.
  8. __It's__ my turn to go down the slide.
  9. The dog felt great with __its__ new hair cut.
  10. __It's__ too late to eat dinner.
  11. My car is old and __its__ paint is peeling.
  12. The bird realised that the wind had blown __its__ nest away.
  13. The game came to __its__ conclusion.
  14. Turn down the music, __It's__ hurting my ears.
For my second part I had to create a video on how to do a house hold chore. Here it is:


  1. Your brother is so lucky to have a big brother who knows how to put him to bed!