Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Homework week 6-7. Part 1&2.

Here is a proof reading task I had to do for Part 1.

The Little Red Hen.

Punctuation: The passage needs 19 capital letters, 19 full stops, 5 commas, 4 apostrophes in contractions and 3 sets of speech marks. Put them in using a different colour for each types of punctuation mark.
Words: Highlight 10 verbs.
Usage:There are 8 words that have been used incorrectly. Circle them and write the correct words as shown in the example.

A little red hen found a wheat seed. She decided to plant it. She asked a cat, a fox and a pig to help her.
I cant help, said the cat.
Im (to) too busy, answered the fox.
Ive got (two) too much to do, replied the pig.
The little red hen dug a hole. She dropped the seed (in to) into it. She (cover) covered it. The seed (grow) grew into a fine stalk of wheat. The little red hen reaped the wheat. She (grinded) ground it into (flower) flour. She mixed this with water in a bowl and made dough. She put this into a baking dish. She put the dish into the oven. When the loaf was baked she didnt share the bread with the cat, fox and pig. She and her chick (eat) ate it. They asked her how it tasted. She told them that it was delicious.

19 red full stops.
19 blue capital letters.
3 sets of green speech marks.
5 orange commas.
4 purple apostrophes in contractions.
10 Pink verbs. 
8 dark yellow words that have been used incorrectly.

Here is my video for how to use Pythagoras Theorem for part 2.


  1. It really good but you need to use better colours

  2. Wonderful video. Makes me so happy to see you so confident with PT. One of the errors I can see in your proof reading is that you have to only put the speech marks around what the person actually says. Not around the tagline. “I’ve got (two) too much to do," replied the pig.