Thursday, 23 October 2014

Writing Q's for A's.

Q. Who was the girl who lost her life on the 5th of september, 2005, in a car crash? √
A. Krystal Bennett

Which two drugs was the person on that crashed into Crystal? √
A. P and Morphine

Q. How old was the person who killed Crystal? √
A. 19

Q. Where did the crash occur? √
A. River Road, Upper Hutt

Q. What is the message Crystal's Mum say to people on drugs? √
A. Never drive if you’ve taken any drugs

Q. How many passengers were in the drug users car? √
A. 3

Q. What did Crystal's Mum call the 19 year old who killed Crystal? √
A. selfish and irresponsible

Q. What ranked sails person was Crystal in Dick Smith? √
A. 57th

Q. How many years in prison did the drugged driver get sentenced to? √
A. 6 ½

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