Tuesday, 28 October 2014

NZ Flag history.

What do these symbols on our flag stand for?
a) Blue background
Stands for the blue sea and sky surrounding us.

b) Stars
The stars stand for the southern cross. (Constellation of Crux)

c) Union Jack
The Union Jack stands for New Zealand's historical origins as a British colony and dominion.

2) Name the 3 flags of the 3 countries which are combined to make the Union Jack
1. England
2. Scotland
3. Northern Irish

3) When did we first use this NZ flag?

4) What flag did we use from 1840 until then?
Union Jack

5) From 1834 to 1840 we used the United Tribes Flag. Insert an image of this flag.

6) Who kept chopping down the flagpole in Kororareka? Why?
Hone Heke because he was dissapointed at the loss of trade with the European ships.

7) Insert an image of the National Maori Flag. When did this flag first fly officially?

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