Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Jack & Jill.

Jack & Jill

Scene #2.

(Jack and Jill both get up)

Jill:     At least I didn't crack my head open!            

Jack:     SHUT UP!   
Jill:     Lets go up again and NOT fall over this time!

Jack:     Good idea.

(Jack and Jill start walking up the hill again)

Jill:     This part's still steep! Lets go round the back and see if we can walk up there.

Jack:     Okay.

(Jack and Jill walk around the other side of the hill)

Jill:     This part looks WAAAAAAY easier!

Jack:     A lot longer though.

Jill:     That's okay! We'll go on a little adventure up the hill!

Jack:      Okay I'll just go and get a plaster on my head!
The End.

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