Sunday, 5 May 2013

Term 1 holidays!

This was my big holiday.
on the weekend I was at home playing minecraft and jumping on the trampoline.
On the first day of the actual holidays  I invited my friend over and he had a sleepover. then the next day I went to his house for a sleepover. I went home and watched Jurassic Park one two and three.

Two days later I invited another friend over who has a laptop and we played minecraft on the same server. I have yet another friend who is my "backdoor" neighbour. He came over with his laptop and we all played.

A few days later my family found out my cousin has a disease in her ankle. I was going to go to a beach house and was going to meet my cousins there but one of them was in hospital so me and my Mum went up to auckland to pick up three of them for a proper holiday. So we did and took them home for three days.

My oldest cousin, my Mum and me watched Ironman 3 at the movies, it was awesome

The beach house ( in Tepuru ) was awesome. There was a basketball hoop, a trampoline and three bedrooms. One of them sleeps 5! the others two ( the one I slept in with my cousin on the other bed ) and one with a queen bed which my Mum slept in. On the third day  My two cousins ( one that was in hospital ) came down for two nights, the rest of the holiday. That night she started coughing up blood and she went to another hospital for about an hour.

That was mainly it so goodbye.

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  1. Pretty good recall Jack! Sounds like you have heaps of friends... I like the 'backdoor' neighbour. Clever.
    Cool to read your writing!
    Mum x