Thursday, 23 May 2013

Tech This Week.

This week I had food tech. This is the first tech I've posted about  because I only got my blog this term and I'll tell you everything about tech. Firstly tech happens two times every term. It goes in an order and I've been trying to work it out and I think I have. Here they are (starts at any tech) Hard materials, soft materials  (sewing) . Food tech, Art tech, music tech, science and finally electronics. I have just completed food tech and that was my third tech since I've been at this school. This week we had four days instead of three sadly. On the first day we made jam tarts. on the second day we made banana choc-chip muffins. On the third day we made self crusting quiche. On the last day we had to choose one of the recipes and modify it in two ways. I made self crusting quiche with tomato and more veggies. I would have a pic but it epically failed! It fell apart and we couldn't get it inside cause of the mess. It was really funny.

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  1. Hi Jack,
    That does sound funny! Do you think it was because there were more vegetables (or too much tomato) and the dry ingredients didn't change? Shame you couldn't get a photo.
    And very nice introduction to your blog.
    I like how it's red just like your laptop!
    Love Aunty Suga