Monday, 13 May 2013

Brigands M.C Book Review.

This term I have been reading a book called Brigands M.C. This is the 11th book of the first series of Cherub. This was my second time reading the series because I like them so much! If you like thrillers, this ones for you.

 This book is about a boy called Dante who's Dad is in a bike gang called the Brigands. His Dad (Scotty) is the vice president of the South Devon chapter. When Scotty didn't agree to creating a Hotel Resort called Marina Heights,  the FÅ«her (president) killed his whole family except for Dante and his baby sister who escaped. Cherub recruited him and he became an agent. Find out more in Brigands M.C.
My rating: 8/10
Really good for teenagers. And you could start with the first book, The Recruit.
That was my book review.

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