Monday, 10 November 2014

Solving multiplication with lines.

This is multiplication with lines. -->

The forward slashes are for the 12 and the backslashes for the 53.
There are three forward slashes for the 12.
one for the one a space and then another two for the 2 in 12. For 53 there are five for the five, a space and then three for the three. After you have done this with any multiplication, you separate the lines, (The curvy lines) then count up the dots/ intersection points inside each section. In this example there are 5 in the first, 13 in the second and six in the third. But you can't have more then 10 in one. So for the 13, you move the 1 up. Which makes the five a six.

But there are some pros and cons about this:

  • Easy to work out.
  • Big numbers makes WAY to many lines.

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